The Educational structure of the Moscow State University of Food Production  is targeted at training specialists competitive at the world labor market, who possess knowledge and skills necessary for producing new knowledge, technology and services of the world’s level.


Active work is underway to develop the scientific sphere.


A competitive system of scientific projects  is being implemented, in which all students, graduate students and university professors can participate.

Scientific publications and their own international scientific publications are published.


At the same time, the main priority in the choice of scientific areas is demand. Many studies are conducted for specific customers, which are ministries, departments, industrial companies.

Institute of Veterinary and Sanitary Expertise, Biological and Food Safety
International College of Technology MSUFP
Institute of Innovative Technologies and Bioindustry Food
Institute of International Education
Institute of International Education
Medical Institute of Continuing Education
Institute of Biotechnology and High-Tech Food Production

The university implements developments in the field of biotechnology, product testing, the development of new formulations, etc.


MSUFP is an authority in the field of food production, biomedicine, veterinary medicine and technology.

Today, a student graduating from MSUFP is a highly qualified specialist who is ready to start his own business right away or work in a specific industry.


We are preparing both a technologist and a manager at the same time, who immediately after graduation from a university can hold a management position or work independently as a technologist.

International College of Technology MSUFP
On-line Education  Institute

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