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of the MSUFP!

One of the advantages of getting higher education in Russia is that you can study at a university without knowing Russian language. For this reason before the main course - undergraduate, master or PhD. - you will have the opportunity to learn Russian language an annual training program at the preparatory department for foreigners.

With the pedagogical experience and the methodological potential of our professors you will speak Russian quickly. You will also have the possibility to meet and integrate with students from various parts of the world and share unforgettable experiences.

Studying in our Preparatory  Faculty will allow you to get to know the Russian soul and get closer to its fascinating culture, since we have extracurricular activities such as excursions, guided visits to museums, among others no less important, that will allow you to test and reinforce your knowledge of the Russian language .

The course includes the study of phonetics, grammar, speaking practice, reading, writing and listening.

Foreign students study the Russian language, as well as subjects in the chosen direction to continue their studies or work. The Russian language course forms a major part of the one-year preparatory program. Special attention is paid to the study of the scientific style of speech in the chosen direction:

  • Engineering, technological profile

  • Humanitarian profile

  • Medical and biological profile

  • Natural-science

Do you want to learn Russian in a short time, improve your language skills in the professional field, prepare for the exam, then choose our intensive Russian language course. We teach students the basics of the Russian language, business Russian, form specially for you specialized courses. If you wish, we will prepare you for the international TRI / TORFL exam.

At the Institute of International education MSUFP foreign students have several options for learning Russian:

  • Training at the preparatory faculty full time on the basis of MSUFP;

  • Distance course of the preparatory faculty

The purpose of the preparatory course is to implement the program of preparation of foreign citizens for education in Russian. In the course of achieving this goal the following tasks are solved:

  • formation of communicative competence in Russian in reading, listening, writing, speaking;

  • mastering language knowledge and speech skills in the specialty in accordance with the selected profile;

  • improving the quality of knowledge in General education disciplines and developing the skills of General scientific speech in Russian in accordance with the selected profile;

  • assistance in social and cultural adaptation of foreign citizens in the new intercultural environment;

  • familiarization of foreign students with national customs and traditions of Russia, Russian communicative style and improvement of their intercultural competence.

The full course program (1 year) includes:

  • Russian language (General course and specialization in language profile)

  • Adaptation disciplines: socio-cultural adaptation workshop, Russian country studies, Russian communicative style and intercultural communication

  • Disciplines profile 

Terms of the beginning of classes on the annual program - from September 1 to November 30.

Groups are formed depending on the date of arrival.

The Institute of international education MSUFP has the opportunity to study at a Distance learning course/

The purpose of the language distance preparatory course is:

  • To intensify the process of language training of foreign citizens in Russian universities

  • To give the opportunity to foreign students to study according to individual educational trajectories

  • To avoid artificial imposition of modern information forms on the traditional format of training

  • To use multilateral forms of communication in the educational process

The distance learning program includes:

  • Intro-phonetic unit

  • Basic lexical and grammatical block

  • Training block (system of formation of all language and speech skills in the system of training algorithms; game technologies for adaptation to the remote environment)

  • Control and measurement unit (assessment of skills formation; rating of students in order to effectively form the composition of study groups; providing an opportunity to pass a separate module or lesson repeatedly to consolidate the material)

Multimedia presentation of the material:

  • Sound of all elements of the lesson

  • An integrated approach to the development of skills

  • Use of video resources for primary input of material

Required documents.


 Cost of training:

  • Option 1: Remote access to the course materials with an Advisory support of the teacher, as well as webinars 3 times a week to consolidate skills:

     Duration - 9 months.

     Cost - $900

  • Option 2: Mixed learning in Moscow: Russian lessons in the traditional form are fixed by a computer course with material for in-depth study.

     Duration - 9 months.

     Cost - $1800

  • Option 3: The Preparatory course is organized in the place of residence of students, where full-time classes with the teacher are combined with individual lessons in the computer class

     Duration - 11 months.

     Cost - $2600

Educational process organization

Kovtun Liliya Viktorovna

Training at the preparatory faculty is a full-time (full-time) or distance learning. Classes are held 5-6 days per week for 4-8 academic hours a day (1 academic hour - 45 min.). In the Russian language classes in a group of no more than 8 people. The academic year of 8-10 months consists of autumn and spring semesters.

After successful completion of training at the preparatory Department, a Certificate of completion of the preparatory Department is issued. If desired, students can take a test in the Russian language for foreign citizens. Depending on your wishes, you can take an individual training program, as well as a Russian language course of different duration.

Many years of experience of teachers of the preparatory faculty allows to form groups of students from the zero level of knowledge of the Russian language, as well as groups of foreign citizens in need of a corrective course. The work is carried out on the basis of the latest textbooks and manuals based on modern teaching methods.

Group Russian courses are always held in the atmosphere of an easy and light communication. We also watch some videos, do exercises, learn to write formal and informal letters, discuss the content of stories.


Our group effectively works with 8-15 students.

Our Staff

Timofeev Dmitry Nikolaevich

Director of the Institute

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