Creation of innovative functional and specialized food products taking into account the principles of personalized nutrition


Creation of innovative resource-saving biotechnologies and non-waste technologies for processing food raw materials of plant and animal origin


Creation of environmentally friendly packaging materials and coatings for food


Development of information systems and automation in applied biotechnology and biotechnology, process control systems in the food industry


Development of innovative methods and means of veterinary technologies based on the use of veterinary biological products of a new generation for the treatment and prevention of animal diseases in order to obtain safe products and protect people from socially dangerous diseases


Development of systems for complex control of patientsJustification and modeling of the system of medical and social rehabilitation of disabled people


Multislice computer navigation in determining the optimal tactics and method of treatment of various pathologies


Development of methods for the diagnosis and surgical treatment of injuries and accelerated rehabilitation after surgical intervention


Development of food safety and quality methodology based on risk management and process approach


Theoretical and applied aspects of sustainable development of the processing industries and agricultural enterprises


Mathematical and computer modeling of the dynamics of controlled mechanical systems and technological processes of food production


Cognitive study of the lexical-semantic field “food safety” in the lexicographical direction (on the material of English, German and French)

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