Students Life

The Moscow State University of Food Production, has as a priority to integrate its community in creative, intellectual, social and athletic experiences, and will foster a climate in the campus characterized by intellectual rigor, well-being, diversity, civility and environmental awareness, as well as self-awareness and national and global awareness.

Student Council - the organization of student government, created as a representative body of all students MGUPP in 2009 on the initiative of students.

Today, the student council is an open organization, which can be entered by each student or graduate student of MGUPP. We are a friendly and responsible team, each year increasing the number of clubs and sections. If you are young and ambitious, then you can become not only a full member of the student council, but even open your own direction!

As part of the student council, an educational program is being implemented for students in the following clubs and sections:

Music Club "Bean"

Intellectual club "Spider"

Art Club "Brush"

E-sports club "Virtual University"

Literary Club "Response"

Photo school at the media center

Plastic dance training

Fire brigade

Sports sector

Career guidance in the food industry


Chess Club

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